About Us

logoIGA Proud is a local supermarket in Cleveland, Ohio. It was established 8 years back. We are a dedicated supermarket with thousands of customers shopping with us every day. We want to offer our customers with the best shopping experience possible. We provide quality service, and all our products are reasonably priced. We want to provide long-term value to our shareholders and customers.

People’s shopping habits are changing. Many people prefer shopping from home. We have an online platform as well through which our customers can buy the products they want. We promise fast delivery of the products. We plan to open a number of chains of our supermarket in other states as well in future.

Our objective is to make shopping convenient for everyone. We have all sorts of products that you need regularly. We have a very good relationship with all our suppliers, and we ensure that our products come from reliable sources. We pick the best product for our customers and never compromise on product quality. So shop with us and see what it’s like yourself!