5 challenges faced by the grocery stores today

The grocery store owners are working continuously towards making profit. They try to offer quality products to their customers at a reasonable price. In today’s competitive business world, grocery owners are facing a number of challenges that are affecting their business. We discuss these challenges below.

Cost of labor


Grocery stores run on a very small margin. So, it is important to control operational costs. Labor cost is a big part of the operating cost. Some managers cut labor at an inappropriate time. It is essential to cut labor cost but in the proper way. Otherwise, it may affect the store condition and customer service. As a result, the store will lose sales. Grocery owners should provide proper training to the employees to increase the productivity of the store and improve the customer service.

Inefficient processes

If the process the grocery store follows to run the business is inefficient, then there will be lots of wastages. Thre will be a strain on the employees as well. All the operations of the business must be defined correctly. The owners must overcome the loopholes in the operations process by using good software.

Counting the inventory

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It is essential for the grocery store manager to know what inventory is available in the store and what is needed. The manager should know how long it takes to ship the products from the suppliers or producers. The manager would have full knowledge of where the product is located, when you need to replace it, etc.

Needs higher productivities


Grocery stores look for ways to cut down their prices. Logistics and inventory are the areas where you can cut some cost. Grocery owners should calculate the profit and expense ratio. This will help them realize the benefits of an investment. Doing cost-benefit analysis is important. Getting a good software can also improve the business operations and thus lead to higher productivities.

Demand of customers

Grocery stores keep products according to customer needs. The manager must know what the customer wants. If they don’t provide the products or services the way the customers want, they might lose customers. Promotions should be offered so that customers don’t switch to a different store.

Managing a grocery store is a huge responsibility. The store managers must make sure that the store operations run smoothly. The products in the store must be arranged and priced properly. Store managers should have knowledge regarding this business. As the competition is increasing, it’s becoming difficult for new businesses to enter the market and existing businesses to stay ahead of the game. A grocery store owner must face all these challenges and adopt strategies to come out clean out of these difficult situations.


Why did we start selling inflatable swimming pools at IGA?

At IGA, we do thorough consumer and market research before including any product in our store. Our research reports show that inflatable swimming pools have high demand. Previously, many customers have inquired us whether we had these inflatable swimming pools in our store or not. So, we have decided to start selling it for the following reasons.

High demand


With summer approaching, these pools are in very high demand. People who have huge space in the backyard and have kids buy this pool for some summer fun. Kids just love it. Having an actual swimming pool is expensive. People living in houses without a swimming pool can have a similar experience using these inflatable pools.

Ease of storage

These pools come in very compressed packets. You will only need to inflate it when you want to use it. After use, it shrinks to a very small size, and you can easily store it in any place inside your home.



These inflatable pools are made with high-frequency heat sealing process. It is very lightweight. It is abrasion resistant and tear resistant. So, it will last for a long time.

Available in various sizes

You can get the pool in different sizes. So, we have pools for children of different age groups and adults as well. It can be something for a total family fun.

Our inflatable swimming pools are safe and durable. The price is also very reasonable. So, buy one for this summer to have some fun with your family.


4 reasons why local supermarkets are better than Walmart

Walmart grocery store makes up more than 50% of the retail sales. It has a huge customer base and is growing every year. Since it was found in 1962, it has claimed to be the low-price leader in the supermarket business. However, the competition is increasing, and customers’ priorities are changing. Many local supermarkets are doing well too. Here are four reasons why supermarkets are better.


You won’t find Walmart in every neighborhood. Some people may need to travel a lot to do shopping from Walmart. The cost of the journey and the time spent in traffic is not worth the money you will save by shopping at Walmart. So, they prefer the local supermarkets instead.

Discounts and deals

Local supermarkets often offer better deals and various discounts compared to Walmart. They do this to attract customers to their store. So, you may save more money than in Walmart by taking advantage of these discounts and deals.


Some items you can get at a much lower price in a local supermarket than in Walmart. Local supermarkets have a close network of suppliers, and they may source their products at a cheaper cost. As a result, the price offered to the customers is also lower. Another reason for products in a local store to be more reasonable is that they keep a lower margin than Walmart.


Local superstores are very convenient for shopping. If you need to return some products, you can do it without much hassle. Also, they will look into your complaint more seriously than Walmart as the customer base is small in the case of local supermarkets.

So, if you are not happy about the fact that Walmart is not near your home, don’t be. Your local supermarket is better in many respects than Walmart.