4 reasons why local supermarkets are better than Walmart

Walmart grocery store makes up more than 50% of the retail sales. It has a huge customer base and is growing every year. Since it was found in 1962, it has claimed to be the low-price leader in the supermarket business. However, the competition is increasing, and customers’ priorities are changing. Many local supermarkets are doing well too. Here are four reasons why supermarkets are better.


You won’t find Walmart in every neighborhood. Some people may need to travel a lot to do shopping from Walmart. The cost of the journey and the time spent in traffic is not worth the money you will save by shopping at Walmart. So, they prefer the local supermarkets instead.

Discounts and deals

Local supermarkets often offer better deals and various discounts compared to Walmart. They do this to attract customers to their store. So, you may save more money than in Walmart by taking advantage of these discounts and deals.


Some items you can get at a much lower price in a local supermarket than in Walmart. Local supermarkets have a close network of suppliers, and they may source their products at a cheaper cost. As a result, the price offered to the customers is also lower. Another reason for products in a local store to be more reasonable is that they keep a lower margin than Walmart.


Local superstores are very convenient for shopping. If you need to return some products, you can do it without much hassle. Also, they will look into your complaint more seriously than Walmart as the customer base is small in the case of local supermarkets.

So, if you are not happy about the fact that Walmart is not near your home, don’t be. Your local supermarket is better in many respects than Walmart.