Why did we start selling inflatable swimming pools at IGA?

At IGA, we do thorough consumer and market research before including any product in our store. Our research reports show that inflatable swimming pools have high demand. Previously, many customers have inquired us whether we had these inflatable swimming pools in our store or not. So, we have decided to start selling it for the following reasons.

High demand


With summer approaching, these pools are in very high demand. People who have huge space in the backyard and have kids buy this pool for some summer fun. Kids just love it. Having an actual swimming pool is expensive. People living in houses without a swimming pool can have a similar experience using these inflatable pools.

Ease of storage

These pools come in very compressed packets. You will only need to inflate it when you want to use it. After use, it shrinks to a very small size, and you can easily store it in any place inside your home.



These inflatable pools are made with high-frequency heat sealing process. It is very lightweight. It is abrasion resistant and tear resistant. So, it will last for a long time.

Available in various sizes

You can get the pool in different sizes. So, we have pools for children of different age groups and adults as well. It can be something for a total family fun.

Our inflatable swimming pools are safe and durable. The price is also very reasonable. So, buy one for this summer to have some fun with your family.

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